Help and advice for contractors working overseas and the recruiters who place them

Considering contracting abroad?
A recruiter looking for help with your overseas placements?

Whether you are considering contracting abroad, or are a recruiter looking for assistance for your overseas placements, ITS International can help.

Offering global contract management company services, we take care of every step of your international contracts, from initial consultation, through to ensuring all arrangements you will need for the duration of your overseas contract are in place; all whilst ensuring receipt of the highest possible net returns balanced with compliance.

Tailor-made solutions to ensure the highest net retention

Our core team members each have 30 years of experience in the international contract management industry, and we are the only company staffed by qualified finance professionals. Our extensive experience means we can offer you a range of tailor-made solutions to ensure the highest net-retention from your contract whilst remaining compliant. Any queries can be answered instantly by our highly knowledgeable staff.

Our professional standing and membership of governing bodies guarantees you will receive exacting personalised information, but more importantly the information provided to you is independent - meaning you get the best deal.

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Before starting my first ever overseas contract in Belgium, my agency at that time gave me a list of management companies to choose from. I remember calling many of them and soon became suspicious about their solutions. All offered very high retentions which, in my view, was not real. Only part of my contract rate was to be paid into Belgium with the rest paid elsewhere in suspicious circumstances. By good fortune, a work colleague introduced me to you. You explained how all the contract income had to be dealt with in Belgium which still provided a very acceptable retention.

David Johnson – contractor in Belgium

Every other management company told me there was only one solution open to me for carrying out my contract in Germany. Amazingly, it was the solution they had. I am very grateful you shared with me a choice of compliant solutions open to me so that I could make an informed decision as to how to operate in Germany.

Keith Amos – contractor in Germany