The superior choice for the discerning contractor

After 30 years in the industry we are still enabling contractors to fulfil their financial and lifestyle goals

As the first to provide professional services to the international contract market 30 years ago, our team changed the face of international contracting, creating the industry we have today.

It was our belief that your hard work overseas should be well rewarded. Your life should be profitable and without complications, ensuring you take home the maximum achievable net income with the minimum fuss.

Our original belief has gone on to become “Our Promise to You” today.

Since the start we have gone on to support thousands of contractors across a wide variety of industries, ensuring them a seamless contracting experience, and the highest financial rewards.

As the only company in the field comprised of qualified financial professionals, we not only understand your business, how it works and how to create the maximum financial benefit for you, but we are also expert in ensuring your contract progresses within a compliant structure so there is less for you to worry about.

Our pioneering 5 point methodology means we work for you

In order to ensure every contract has optimum financial return and minimal legal risk we employ a unique 5 point methodology to fully understand each individual’s circumstances and aspirations, thus enabling us to tailor-make a variety of personalised contracting solutions for them.

For every client:

  • We conduct a full client fact-find and record all relevant information
  • We listen to your ideas and requirements
  • With expert knowledge and experience we assess your needs and create a variety of individualised tailor-made contract solutions for you to compare.
  • We explain the options available to you and discuss the best-fit for each situation.
  • Being fully informed, we empower you to make the right choice.

ItsInternational’s unique knowledge, methodology and professional qualifications combined with our provision of services around the world prove we are the superior choice for the discerning contractor.

To discover more about our range of services, click here or call now on +44 (0)20 7477 2660 and speak to one of our International Client Service Managers.

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