It’s our way of saying “Thanks”

Do you have colleagues, friends or contacts who would appreciate
the ItsInternational service?

If you are already an ItsInternational client, you will be aware of the many advantages of working with us when contracting abroad. Unfortunately, many of your fellow international freelancers, consultants and contractors have yet to discover those benefits.

That’s why we’ve set up a referral scheme as a way to say “Thank you” if you introduce new clients to us. It’s our way of showing gratitude when people who know us spread the word and let others know about our services.

If you have friends or colleagues who are contractors, please put them in touch with ItsInternational. Ask them to mention your name when they contact us. Alternatively, you may contact us on their behalf.

Once they have agreed to work with us and their first timesheet has been processed, we’ll ask you to choose one of the following gifts with our compliments.

A free Case of Wine: 12 bottles of specially selected wine.

Alternatively, you may prefer to receive a £100 Amazon Voucher.

This Amazon £100 Voucher can be redeemed across Amazon for millions of items. You can choose to spend your Amazon Voucher immediately or add it to your Amazon account and spend it anytime on your purchases for one year from the date of issue.

If you have colleagues, friends or contacts who would appreciate our services, please ask them to click here or call now on +44 (0)20 7477 2660 and speak to one of our Client Service Managers.