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Need rewarding, simple to use, personalised solutions for your overseas contracts?

International contracting is not without its complications. In order to complete a contract, you must deal with a host of matters ranging from work permits and immigration status, legal registration processes in your country of work and dealing with your tax and social security requirements. Most essentially you must have an entity through which you can trade with your client/agent. ItsInternational can provide you with the required trading entity, manage registrations overseas and assist with social security and international tax planning enabling you to manage your contract both efficiently and effectively.

At ItsInternational we know every contractor is unique and every contract is different which is why we provide only rewarding, simple to use, personalised solutions for your overseas contracts.

You always have a real person nearby to help you

We are proud to have amassed a global team of country-specific qualified finance, taxation and legal experts in all the countries where we offer our services. This means you always have a real person nearby to help you. Our service puts us in a position to monitor country-specific developments and ensure they are understood and implemented to your advantage. As a result, you continue to benefit financially and are able to avoid any problems which could arise from non-compliance with tax and immigration legislation.

Our comprehensive services for international contractors

ITS International is a contract management service that does more than fully manage your contract. We ensure:

  • A bespoke choice of tax efficient structures to give you high net returns combined with compliance
  • Registration for tax, residence and other statutory requirements
  • Your social security and immigration status is managed
  • Management of your invoices
  • Payments are made easily, accurately and on time
  • Local specialist qualified legal and financial experts are available to you worldwide
  • There is always someone “here to help”
  • Help with your pre-departure requirements
  • End of contract de-registration services.

We go further! We can also provide you with a variety of other contract-relevant services including:

  • Reviewing contract terms and conditions to ensure you are able to benefit to the maximum
  • Reviewing your contract partners
  • Providing advice on budget, income and expenses
  • Explaining the best way to structure your contract financial affairs
  • Advice on tax planning and compliance
  • Liaising with statutory authorities in both your home and work countries
  • Liaising with approved professional advisors in your country of work
  • Liaising with insurers
  • Reviewing and recommending banking facilities
  • Providing flexible access to funds in any currency worldwide
  • Finding you the best rates on foreign exchange

To discover more about our range of services, click here or call now on +44 (0)20 7477 2660 and speak to one of our International Client Service Managers.