Offering the definitive range of services for you and your candidates

How to make sure you and your overseas contractors experience safe and profitable contracts.

When you are placing overseas contractors, it’s imperative to find a contract management service which ensures your candidate is able to take the position offered to them safely and profitably.

High net returns for your contractors are essential. However, tightening legislation around the world means tax risks are growing. International laws mean it is not only your contractor who can fall foul of the law, so can you and your company as the entity making the placement.

ItsInternational are the only international contract management service in the industry staffed by qualified finance and legal professionals in all the countries where we offer services. We are uniquely able to assess, explain and minimise compliance risk to your placements – and to you.

We provide your candidate with the highest achievable net returns finely balanced with legally compliant solutions.

By undertaking an in depth analysis of both your candidate’s personal circumstances and the contract, we are able to create a variety of tailor-made solutions allowing your candidate to choose the one best suited to their requirements, ensuring high net returns and minimum regulatory compliance risk.

With our international network of qualified legal and finance professionals your candidate will always have an expert in their overseas location, keeping them within the law and personally assisting with any queries related to their place of work.

Our central London contact centre boasts a core team, each with over 30 years experience in the specific sector of overseas contractor placement, allowing us to deal with enquiries, queries and requests for information quickly and effortlessly.

Our services for contractor placement which make your life profitable and easy

We are proud to offer the definitive range of services for you and your candidates:

  • We offer the complete contract management service.
  • A full range of employment solutions, including self-employed solutions, umbrella companies and personal service companies.
  • Invoice and payment processing, fast, accurate and on time.
  • International payroll processing services.
  • Immigration services including work permits and visas.
  • Registering your placement’s tax residency status.
  • Social security choice and registration.
  • Providing contractor insurance.

ItsInternational goes further to help you:

  • Providing an ongoing help desk for your sales team.
  • We can help you assess and manage commercial risks for your company relating to compliance.
  • Helping you establish a permanent presence in certain countries.
  • Providing on-site workshops for your UK based sales teams explaining compliance risks for overseas placements.
  • We can help give your tender for business the edge. By giving you relevant information you can show your clients you are protecting them from legal issues surrounding contractor compliance.

Revolutionary its+ programme = more for you!

We are unique in our provision of a revolutionary specialist “Contractor Care Programme”.

Announcing its+

Our Contractor Care Programme, its+, enables you to provide all your candidates with outstanding personal benefits. Contact us for more details.

To discover more about our range of services, including its+, click here or call now on +44 (0)20 7477 2660 and speak to one of our International Client Service Managers.